Happy Monday to all. Well now that summer has appeared...great to have such summery weather. Enjoy while it lasts. J SOOOOOO we have listened. Your overwhelming response to wanting to be A PUB and not a live music house...has been heard. Yes, we agree, the pub has changed, as well Hamiltonís music scene has changed. People who want to hear music go to a music venue. People who want to have good food, good company, good talks, good games...need a place to go. So we shall be closing down the music line up a wee bit faster than first thought. The music line up for the remainder of the year is as follows:


is Wing day, it is a staff menu day, but we shall reinstate the Wing special, order one pound and get the seconds pound of the same flavour half priced, when an alcoholic beverage is ordered.


is Prime boneless Rib Eye Steak Day, @ 18 oz. served with your choice of side, and TeMilis, or Horseradish, or Brown Horse. Market price for that week.


is Magic Meatloaf Day, served with Poundie, Gravy, and Beer Batter Onion Rings. Gluten Free option is to have it served with Nippy Cheese or Curry, and Sauteed Onion.


is Salmon Day...Magners and Maple Syrup Poached Salmon Day...of course Beer Batter Fish is always available every single day.

Of Course the first week of the month shall always be the famous Rebel Burger week.

Still collecting feedback on the Cocktails and Canvas far a great number of you want it at least once a month. So we shall get on board with them, already spoken to them. Lastly, we have a couple request for a Corned Beef and Cabbage Night? What do you think? Lastly, a couple requests for a Euchre Night/ Cribbage Night...if and only, we were asked, there are established teams.

So...the music line up for the next few weeks are:

Saturday September 23rd - 9pm, Famous Framus, $5 cover

Saturday October 21st - 9pm, Famous Framus, $5 Cover

Tuesday October 31st - 7pm, Halloween Party, The Entire Eclectic Revival, $5 Cover

Saturday November 11th - 9pm, Remembrance Day, Dave Gould, $5 Cover

Saturday December 16th - 9pm, Pub Christmas Party, Customer App. Night, Eclectic Revival Entire Band, $5 cover

Sunday December 31st - New Years Eve, 8/9pm Eclectic Revival, Entire Band, $5 cover.

That is it for now, if you have any suggestions...we do listen. And watch...Slan Agat