Here is hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend. We would like volunteers to transport him to the jam on Sundays. Holly shall drive him back to the Villa. Just let us know so we can make arrangements to bust him loose. You get a drink on the house for your efforts. On Sunday the 22nd May Patricia Witiw has offered to pick him we shall have Tom at his jam next week.

Dr. Phil Rose was brilliant Saturday nice to hear him again.

Mondays are reserved for private functions.... To have the pub for your private function just contact us through email, or phone 905-777-1771

$25 Gift Certificates are in for you to purchase as gifts or give aways.

To answer your question. Yes we do sell all of our sauces in 500 ml jars and 250 ml. jars. For a limited time, when you order a Pint of our sauce, it shall be delivers in a Coors Banquet handled Mason Jar, that you get to keep. Just call ahead and we shall have it ready, or on the spot we shall jar it up for you. AND WE DO SELL OUR SPICE RUBS IN 4OZ containers. Price depends on the rub you want.

This week’s Spot Check: No One. How do you get spot checked? First you must purchase a Rebel’s Rock BreathRite Polo Shirt. Then wear it...if you are spotted by staff or Troy (off sight), you could win. We just received a new shipment of sizes M, L, and XL.

This week at the Pearl Company:Friday, 20 May, 8pm $20, Ray Billing & The Unpayables; Sat. 21st May, 8pm, $20, Poor Angus.Remember, if you have supper before the show or drinks after, you get 15% off with Proof of Pearl.

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Here At The Rock for the Next Couple of Weeks:

Every Sunday, The Rocks Kitchen Party/ Jam Hosted by Brother Tom, 3pm start. All musicians welcome, the stage is open to all. So everyone knows, the piano, is in great shape, it is there for players, and the pub acquired a house Bass Guitar, to be played by all as well as our existing house acoustic guitar. All musicians of all genres welcome to play. Every Tuesday, 8pm, We are very proud to have a Blues & Jazz Jam, Wing Night to boot, 8pm to Midnight, Hosted by Wayne Janus and The Syncopaths. Nice to get some down right dirty Blues and Jazz back in the House. Welcome Lads The Last Friday of the Month, 9pm, Erin's MarLore , no matter what.


We are very proud to have, Newly, a Blues & Jazz Jam Every Tuesday, Wing Night, 8pm to Midnight, Hosted by Wayne Janus and The Syncopaths. Nice to get some down right dirty Blues and Jazz back in the House. Welcome Lads.

Kitchen Craic

Lamb Shanks seasonal, so until next winter/autumn, they have to be ordered the day before. Instead we shall be having a return of The Salap...lovely meaty salads served up with a couple wraps to be used to wrap, scoop, or otherwise, eat the salad. What should the 1st Salap be...?

Always Rebel Burgers first week of the month.

Tuesday is sort of a day off for us, we call it Michelle Tuesdays !!!

Specials of the day

Conditions Apply: In house only

Dessert This Week: Whiskey Pecan Pie, plus we made a batch of Guinness Cake.